Drought Assistance for Queensland

Drought assistance for queensland

A hot dry summer throughout Queensland has seen more areas of the usually temperate south east Queensland now drought declared. The driest 12 months ever recorded in some areas of Queensland has meant Queensland has also seen the total drought affected area in the State move to its highest level ever recorded with a further 8 Shires in Queensland drought declared in March 2017.

The majority of Queensland (more than 87%) is now drought declared, and the Qld Government is continuing to provide some relief for impacted farmers and their farming communities.

The program in Queensland was introduced back in 2013, and as new areas have been drought declared this year they could now be eligible for assistance.

Farmers can seek assistance through a number of measured such as freight subsidies for the transport of fodder and water, and rebates to cover the purchase of water infrastructure. Land rent rebates and water licence waivers are also available, as is financial and mental health counselling, and farm household allowances and concessional loans are available to some applicants.

More information on the project including application forms can be found here.

Support can also be found on the Qld Farmers’ Federation site.

The latest maps released in March 2017 showing drought declared areas in Qld can be found here.

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