Are You on Your Prospects Radar?


For the first time in a long time I am actually (relatively well) prepared for Mother’s Day. That is I know it’s this coming Sunday, I know what the kids are getting my wife and I know where I am buying it.

So well-prepared am I that I went shopping for said gift over the weekend. To give you a bit of context I have been working in the same complex for a number of years now and we have 3 retail shops in the immediate area, which could have had what I was looking for.

Given it was early Saturday morning I drove into one centre realised that the shop I wanted to look at was closed. Whilst disappointing I have experienced some exceptional service from them within the last month so it's not an issue and I’ll go back in sometime this week.

I drove out of that centre and went across the road to the complex there had a browse in that shop and decided to wait unitl Monday to make a decision.

It was only as I drove out of the second set of shops that I realised that there was another retailer right beside my original shop which could have supplied what I needed, but they weren’t on my radar. I had completely forgotten that they exist.

It’s well signed and I drive past every day, but the retailer just doesn’t register with me as an option. I had even shopped there before but due to an underwhelming shopping experience may have eliminated them subconsciously from my shortlist.

Here’s my point – are you on your prospects radar? If you’re not on the radar then you’re not going to be on their shopping shortlist and it’s a missed opportunity.

Keeping your brand top of mind is critical. How many of you have a database and connect with past clients on a regular basis? For retailers there are prime opportunities to connect – events such as Mother’s day, Father’s day, Easter, Christmas, Birthday sales, EOFY and end of season sale events.

How effective are you at maximising the opportunities with your existing clients so your brand is top of mind and on your prospects radar? 

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