Beer Taste Test Results

Beer taste test results

Are You After the Taste or After The Brand?

Beer lovers will fight end-to-end to profess their love for their chosen brand. Beer drinkers will point to having a “distinct taste” as their reason in choosing a particular brand. But what if we removed those labels and mix it up with other label-less beers? Can you still find out which your preferred beer is? Is there really such thing as distinct taste or a premium beer? Or is your preference stopping you from tasting other beers?

A blind taste-testing experiment in Perth proved that even the most luxurious brand of beer cannot overpower even the cheapest ones. Crown Ambassador Reserve, Australia's $99 per bottle beer and billed as the most luxurious, scored well below Emu Export, a $5 beer.

A curious experiment was conducted by young beer drinkers; they wanted to know if they could identify well known beers and ultimately, find out if there really is something that is better. Surprisingly, they did not like the one that is marketed and priced as a premium beer.

Author of the blog and head of the experiment said he was a drinker of the brand, but after this experiment, he no longer bought a bottle. Some other comments from the beer tasting were that none of the beer were indistinguishable, some are better, some are not - in general, nothing jumped out.

Meanwhile, a report from an international wine association says you may prefer a particular brand of beer for no reason at all. The study entitled “Hide the Label, Hide the Difference?” conducted by American Association of Wine Economists pointed out that in their experiment, participating beer drinkers can’t tell different brands apart when the labels are removed from the bottle. Just like the experiment in the preceding example, a brand loyal drinker cannot even tell which is his preferred beer without the label.

Thus, the question - is there really a better tasting beer?

From the experiments above, it can be concluded that there may not be;  that everything is a product of perception and consumers are more likely to be attracted to the image associated with the beer, rather than its flavour. Marketing plays a huge role in selling beers and other alcohol.

In fact, you’ve probably already chosen your brand before stepping foot in your local watering hole.  Think of it - how many times have you gone to drink a bottle of beer and really looked at the label?  Could you recall what was on the label if the question were posed without a bottle in hand?

How can Hoteliers Benefit?

If you’re a hotel or a pub looking at introducing a new brand, or have too much inventory of another, conducting a blind test might be of benefit to you. You can encourage beer drinkers to try a different brand while you get to push an alternative product; in the end, the worst that could happen is that they’ll probably just go back to their preferred brand, and maybe you’ve moved some slow moving stock or promoted a product which has a higher return to the venue through margins or rebates. 

If you're interested in implementing these strategies in your hotel business, please give PJT a call. 


Did you know? The Egyptian pyramids were built on beer!

Stonecutters, slaves and public officials were paid in a type of beer called 'kash' – which is where the word 'cash' originated. 

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